mardi 20 novembre 2012

Ubuntu Raring Now 13% Complete, 10% Of Porting To Mobile Devices Complete

Nexus 4 Does Have An LTE Chip On Its Shoulder

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 02:15 AM PST

A teardown by iFixit reveals that Google's flagship phone Nexus 4, manufactured by LG, does have an LTE chip in it.

Ubuntu Raring Now 13% Complete, 10% Of Porting To Mobile Devices Complete

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 09:00 PM PST

The Ubuntu development team have published a nice status page where you can readily monitor the development of upcoming versions of Ubuntu. From that status page, we learned that around 13% of the proposed work for Raring Ringtail is complete. One of the chief aims of Ubuntu 13.04 Raring, i.e. porting it to embedded and mobile devices is complete. However, only 1% of work is complete for Kubuntu 13.04.

Gnome Shell 3.7.2 Out, Supports Search Providers

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 08:59 PM PST

A new version of the Gnome Desktop, Gnone 3.7.2 is out. This version includes several stability and performance improvements along with bug fixes theta will make the Gnome desktop more stable, secure and reliable. Among the many changes in this release, the most important is the support for remote search providers. Now not only you will be able to search Wikipedia and Google from Gnome, but also will be able to search files, folders and documents from the single Gnome search bar.

Firefox Is Now Available For Android Devices With ARMv6 Processors 

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 07:53 PM PST

With its support to older ARMv6 processors Firefox for Android can now run on millions of new Android devices. The new browser also has many features like seamless intregration with TalkBack and support for Explore by Touch.

Keep Up With Your Wordpress Blog With The Amazing Firefox Extension

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:34 AM PST

If you have a blog and want to keep notified with it even without visiting the site, you can just install an amazing extension that alerts you from time to time regarding activities in your blog. Every time some one follows you, likes your posts or comments on them , you will get a notification alert on the sidebar of your browser. Much like Facebook notifications, you can click on the icons and navigate straightaway to the page from where the activity happened.

Valve Adds Three More Game Titles To Linux, Invites More Testers

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:19 AM PST

Game developer and distributor Valve has ramped up Steam for Linux by adding three more game titles. Steam for Linux was originally released with 24 titles and now the count stands at 27. You can see all the games supported in Linux platform in this page.

Here Comes PengPod Tablet Which Dual Boots Linux As Well As Android

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:18 AM PST

We have heard dual-booting in PCs, Macs and Laptops. The amazing technology allows one to oot into two OSes in a single computer. User has to specify different partitions for the OSes he wants to boot and is provides with options during booting. Dual booting was unknown in tablets and mobile phones until lately. Innovators have come out with PengPod, that will be able to boot Android as well as Linux in a single tablet.
Future Gnome Releases May Include Application Sandboxing

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:12 AM PST
With computers and applications becoming more and more smarter everyday, one is coming more close to security breeches and loopholes. Security issues today are more complex and harder to detect than they were five years ago. Developers are becoming more and more aware of this situation and they are finding out way to make computing more secure, fast and relaible.

Controversial Nautilus 3.6 Lands Up In Raring Ringtail

Posted: 19 Nov 2012 03:11 AM PST

The much hyped Gnome's file manager Nautilus 3.6 has made its way to the upcoming version of Ubuntu, Raring Ringtail. This version was earlier not adopted in Quantal due to many of its controversial changes. The whole desktop was upgraded to Gnome 3.6 while the file manager remained of 3.4 branch. Linux Mint developers on the other hand made their own fork of file manager called Nemo. This is similar to the earlier attitude taken by the developers, i.e. bring their own fork of Gnome as they did for Cinnamon.

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