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Linux Mint 14 Released

Linux Mint 14 Released

Linux Mint 14 Released

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 11:58 AM PST

The Linux Mint team has released their newest Linux distribution, Linux Mint 14 "Nadia".

Google Nexus 10 32 GB Now In Stock, Nexus 4 May Be Coming

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 11:24 AM PST

The 32GB version of Google Nexus 10 is now in stock. I just ordered mine.

New Criminal Rootkit Discovered

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 06:41 PM PST

Security researchers spot a new rootkit in the wild. This completely rootkit was discovered last week. Although not the most impressive piece of engineering, it's definitely criminal, and quite new to security researchers.

Human Rights Watch Call For Ban On Killer Robots

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 04:37 AM PST

Human Rights Watch is calling for a ban on fully autonomous weapons, or, 'Killer Robots.'

In a new report, "Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots," they outline concerns that these Killer Robots would lack the human qualities that provide legal and non-legal checks on the killing of civilians. Also the obstacles to holding anyone accountable for harm caused by the weapons would weaken the law's power to deter future violations.

Steve Goose, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch, said. "Giving machines the power to decide who lives and dies on the battlefield would take technology too far. Human control of robotic warfare is essential to minimizing civilian deaths and injuries."

Fully autonomous weapons do not yet exist, and major powers, including the United States, have not made a decision to deploy them. But high-tech militaries are developing or have already deployed precursors that illustrate the push toward greater autonomy for machines on the battlefield. The United States is a leader in this technological development. Several other countries – including China, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and the United Kingdom – have also been involved. Many experts predict that full autonomy for weapons could be achieved in 20 to 30 years, and some think even sooner.

Human Rights Watch and the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic (who co-published the report) have called for an international treaty that would absolutely prohibit the development, production, and use of fully autonomous weapons. They also called on individual nations to pass laws and adopt policies to prevent development, production, and use of such weapons at the domestic level.



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