mardi 11 décembre 2012

New KDE Theme Slim Glow With Awesome Fonts

New KDE Theme Slim Glow With Awesome Fonts

New KDE Theme Slim Glow With Awesome Fonts

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 04:00 AM PST

Developer Ivan Čukić has released a new version of this theme which is currently available on and will be part of the KDE 4.10.

Sorry RMS Says Jono Bacon

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 05:24 PM PST

Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager has come out with an appology to Richard Stallman. Says he was wrong to write that the view of Stallman were childish.

Google And Allies Petion Courts Against Upholding Vague Patents

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 11:43 AM PST

Patent war all around, and to fight the big bullying corporations, Google, Dell, Facebook, Homeaway, Intuit, Rackspace, Red Hat and Zynga have joined hands and filed an amicus brief with the US Court of Appeals, which suggests that patents with vague wording should not be honoured by the courts.

Elementary OS Luna Review

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 10:10 AM PST

The highly anticipated elementary os Luna hits Beta 1. We review it in detail to find out if it is the best distro out there. How successful is elementary which started out first as an icon theme, modified version of nautilus to a fully fledged distro? Find out more.

SparkleShare 1.0 Open Source File Synchronisation Tool Announced

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 04:24 AM PST

GNOME contributor Hylke Bons has released version 1.0 of SparkleShare, an open source synchronization and collaboration platform. SparkleShare uses the Git version control system under the hood to implement functionality akin to the proprietary Dropbox service.

Swiss City Of Bern To Switch To Free And Open Source IT Solutions

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 03:51 AM PST

A clear majority 36 to 20 councilors and city councilors in the council of the Swiss city of Bern has voted for a switch to free and open source IT solutions. It instructs the city's IT department to make future IT purchases platform and vendor neutral and to prefer using open source solutions. This way, the council wants to rid the city of IT vendor lock-in.

Third Beta Released For XBMC 12 Frodo

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 03:09 AM PST

Third Beta of the XBMC 12 Frodo open source media center has now been officially released. The new release includes support for installing XBMC of android on android Jelly Bean and also number of bug fixes.

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