samedi 15 décembre 2012

Free Sketching App Krita Sketch Now Available For Windows 8

Free Sketching App Krita Sketch Now Available For Windows 8

Free Sketching App Krita Sketch Now Available For Windows 8

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 07:22 AM PST

KO GmbH has developed a completely new version of Krita, the open source drawing app, optimized for touch-based devices. Krita Sketch, as the touch-based app is called, is a QML application which uses Krita engines and plugins.

Linux Foundation Releases What A Year in Linux Video, Framed Inside Apple Mac

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 01:23 AM PST

The Linux Foundation has released a video titled "What A Year in Linux' demonstrating the achievements of Linux in the year 2012.

Mozilla Organizes Competition For Open Source Online Games

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 11:54 PM PST

Mozilla corporation has organized the Game on competition for web based games. The goal of this competition is to demonstrate the web as a platform for game development.

Amarok 2.7 Beta Available For Testing

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 10:54 AM PST

Amarok team has released the beta version of Amarok 2.7 which is available for testing. The team has invited all users to test this beta so the final release should be available before 25th December. With this version Amarok is introducing two brand new features.

It will include preliminary version of the Nepomuk Collection plug-in. How does this enhance the user experience? The KDE documentation explains:

BountyOSS: A Crowd Funding Site For Free Software Projects

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 09:00 PM PST

We have heard about crowd funding sites for software, games and sometimes hardware ventures too. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc are leading croud funding sites in the world today. However, the world missed a site just for Free Software. This is where BountyOSS fills the gap.

bounty oss

RPM Fusion Now Available For ARM Based Devices

Posted: 13 Dec 2012 08:58 PM PST

RPM fusion is a unofficial RPM repository which hosts some of the restricted software that Fedora developers dont want to ship


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