lundi 16 décembre 2013

Linux is too complicated, it is for professional !

Say that there are people who believe that!

... How does it ... this is what you believe too? o_O
Stop there, unhappy! Do not make a step further, you're wrong!

Linux is not complicated, and I'll prove it.
You do not know what Linux? It does not matter, this is a course for beginners: the explanations start from the first chapter!

Who is this course?

Windows users who want to discover Linux

Linux for beginners looking to better manage their OS

Webmasters who must administer a dedicated server on Linux

Curious like you just wonder how Linux works;)

With Linux, you can now take control of your computer and discover an exciting new world, all without spending a penny! :)

For french reader follow

for english wiat some days I will piblish this course on

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