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Is Ubuntu Touch Just CyanogenMod With Unity On Top?

Is Ubuntu Touch Just CyanogenMod With Unity On Top?

Is Ubuntu Touch Just CyanogenMod With Unity On Top?

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 03:38 PM PST

So, in a nutshell Ubuntu Phone or Tablet is simply Android and CyangenMod with Unity slapped on it and one would assume that it was developed from the ground up.

China’s Konka Launching ‘Expose’ Android Smartphone In India

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 09:40 AM PST

China-based Konka is all set to enter India with a range of Android smartphones.

Dashwire Back In Action, Courtesy HTC

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 09:21 AM PST

Remember Dashwire? Yes, the same company acquired by HTC around a year ago only to be forgotten by many.

Galaxy Note 8.0 Spotted At MWC

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 08:51 AM PST

The much-anticipated Galaxy Note 8.0 from Samsung has reportedly been revealed ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, confirming the Korean company's plans to showcase its fabled tablet this coming week at MWC.

Snapchat For Android Updated; Gets Video Messaging

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 07:08 AM PST

Popular sexting app maker Snapchat has updated its Android app to include video messaging. Snapchat messaging service let users adjust how long pictures, messages, and drawings are stored for before being permanently deleted.

Now the same privacy option is being offered with videos by enabling users to set a self-destruct timer on anything they send. The not-so-good part is these video messages can't be more than 10 seconds in length.

Snapchat says:

Blake Ross Leaves Facebook Because It's Not Cool Anymore?

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 03:11 AM PST

Blake Ross, the director of product at Facebook, has resigned from the social network after considering the long-term viability of the company and learning that even kids don't find Facebook cool anymore.

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