vendredi 3 février 2012

How To Connect Your Android Device To Ubuntu

Android now uses MTP instead of mass storage which means you can't just plug your Android device to your Linux box and access the content. Since the MTP support in Linux is bad, it could be frustrating to find that you just can't connect your Android device to your PC. Your best bet is to try to install gMTP and then try to connect. Good luck with that.
It never worked for me so I gave up on it and adopted a different route which has only one requirement and if you can fulfill it, you will love it.  The requirement is WiFi. You need WiFi so that your Android device and talk to your PC.
The solution lies in your Android device. There are couple of apps which allows you to connect your Android device with your PC. Samsung has its own app called Kies Air (it doesn't work on some devices though). I have tried couple of apps and like Air Droid the most. It is available for free of cost and has a very engaging UI.

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