mardi 5 mai 2015

How can I trust CAcert's root certificate? On my system

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In order to have your browser or system automatically trust all certificates signed by the CAcert Certificate Authority, you must instruct your platform or browser to trust the CAcert root certificate
Note that for all systems, you will need to trust both the root certificate root.crt, as well as the class 3 certificate class3.crt.
Some of this information is already covered in the BrowserClients article, so also look there to see if it has the information you need.
Trusting a new Certificate Authority is a process that varies from one platform to the next, so here are some of the ways to trust the CAcert root certificates. The instructions below will only outline how to trust one certificate, and just repeat the process to trust the second certificate.
WARNING: Always double-check the fingerprint on the downloaded certificates before trusting them. If you don't, you could be trusting a maliciously modified root certificate.

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