samedi 8 juin 2013

Get connected with Hurricane Electric (IPV6)

First you need to register on the Website. You will be emailed your username and password. Login and in the User Functions Box on the left side click the Create Regular Tunnel link. Put in your IPv4 address and Select a server close to you. Go to the tunnel details page. Rungksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces and add the following, editing as directed by the comments:
auto he-ipv6
iface he-ipv6 inet6 v4tunnel
     address  2001:470:a:d29f::2
     netmask  64
     up ip -6 route add default dev he-ipv6
     down ip -6 route del default dev he-ipv6
Replace the endpoint setting ( with the Server IPv4 address field from the tunnel details page and the address setting (2001:470:a:d29f::2) with Client IPv6 address field from the tunnel details page. Save the file.
Right click on the network manager icon in the tray and click Edit Connections. Select the connection to your local network and click Edit. Go to the IPv6 Settings tab and set the Method to Manual. Click Add. For the address put the first address in your Routed 64. (In this example it would be 2001:470:a:d29f::1 .) For the prefix put in 64. For the gateway, put in the address from the "Client IPv6 address" of the tunnel details page (in this example it would be 2001:470:a:d29f::2). Click apply.
Run sudo ifup he-ipv6 and you should have IPv6 connectivity.
To configure your box to give out addresses to the LAN from your /64, see Configure your Ubuntu box as an IPv6 router.

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